About Studiverse.uk and what we do

an illustration of a person in a yellow graduation gown holding up both arms in celebration. The graduation cap has the Studiverse.uk logo on it.

What is Studiverse.uk?

Studiverse.uk is an educational online network for everyone interested in learning about UK universities.

We strive to deliver important knowledge surronding the recruitment and admissions process, to make it less stressful and confusing.

The name Studiverse is derivative of the following keywords, which describe this website overall:

university / student / universe / study / diverse

The mind behind Studiverse.uk – Jenny Bremerich

Hi! I’m Jenny and I am the creator, developer and writer behind Studiverse.uk.

Studiverse.uk started as an independent project for my postgraduate degree in Web Design & Content Planning. This MA combined two subjects, that I was passionate about and desperate to learn and grow further in.

It taught me how to develop my own sites, while also creating all visual aspects at the same time.

When it came to the topic of my major project, I decided on something I had an immense knowledge about, while also wanting to publish something helpful and educational.

My four years of working within the Student Recruitment area allowed me to have first-hand experience to draw from when creating this website. Through my work I come in contact with individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds all because they applied to the same university.

As an EU student attending university in the UK I can draw from my personal experiences from my four years of studying. I have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication from the University of Greenwich and am looking forward to expand my web design knowledge after graduation from my masters degree.

The person behind the words – Anne Blombach

Anne Blombach is the main writer for Studiverse.uk and originally from Germany.

During her degrees in Creative Writing (University of Greenwich) and International Publishing (City, University of London), she worked part-time as a Student Recruitment Assistant at the University of Greenwich.

She answered phones and emails from prospective students and applicants and therefore knows a lot about the worries and questions people have when it comes to their university journey.

She currently lives in London with her roommate and two cats.