What do I need to know before applying?

October 8th, 2022

Anne Blombach

Starting the process of applying to university can seem very daunting at first. You might have a million questions and feel overwhelmed with the choice of courses and universities to choose from. But don’t worry, many people have done this before you and there is an abundance of tips and services available to make the journey as easy as possible. In this article, we have gathered some things that you should keep in mind and know before starting the application process.

Do your research and figure out what you want

This step is absolutely vital. Have a look at universities’ websites, including the course pages, and gather as much information about them as possible. This way, you can see what is on offer and figure out what you actually want to get out of your course and your whole university experience. It will also help you make an informed decision when it comes to applying and will make it easier to write a convincing personal statement.

Be aware of deadlines and leave enough time

You can never start looking at universities and courses too early. Knowing all the deadlines from the beginning will ensure that you don’t miss anything and that you leave enough time for all the different steps. Sometimes, things can take longer or be more complicated than you anticipated, so it is always good to be ahead with everything.

You only have 5 choices on UCAS

When applying, you can make a maximum of 5 course choices when applying through UCAS. This can really limit you if you want to study a course that is on offer at most universities, so it is really important that you compare each one and narrow your choice down.

You have many different options, including not going to university

You might have thought your whole life that going to university is the thing to do after you finish school, but there are other options if you find that no university course quite speaks to you. These include apprenticeships, traineeships, foundation degrees, internships, a gap year or starting full-time employment right away through entry level jobs.