What stage are you currently at?

Do you know which stage you are currently at when it comes to your personal university journey?

As the university admissions process is quite a long journey, it can be confusing to fully define what stage you are at during which time of the year.

For whatever reason you might have stubmled across our website, we sure hope you find what you are looking for.

For further information on terminology you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary pages.

Select your current stage from the four options below:


An illustration of a person sitting at a desk with an open laptop. This represents the stage of a prospect who is researching a lot about university.

The term prospective student often refers to individuals, that are in the process of applying to a higher education institution.


An illustration of a person holding a closed laptop. This represents the applicant stage, after the individual as submitted theit university application.

This term describes an individual, that has applied to an institution an dis currently in the process of completing any criteria such as interviews.

Current Student

An illustration of a person reading a bood. This represents the student stage, as the individual is consuming course materials.

A current student refers to anyone who is currently studying at a higher education institution. We use this term about people until the day the graduate.


An illustration of a person holding a phone. this represent the stage of a staff memeber. They are curious how to support their students.

Under the term staff we include all members of staff within these institutions, that come in contact with any students they support.